United We Must Stand

I voted for Trump.

Do I agree with everything he has said or done? No.

Do I agree with everything that any other elected official whom I have voted for has said or done? No.

Do I understand why some of my loved ones are extremely offended by and/or hurt by things that Trump has said or done? Yes.

At the end of the day, though, the election is over and we do have a new President Elect named Donald J. Trump.

For those unhappy with the outcome of the election, we, as Americans, do have the right to protest peacefully on any issue, including our elections; however, none of us has the right to carry out random and indiscriminate physical attacks on our fellow Americans for any reason, and especially not under the guise of protected protest.

Such violence is not only illegal and unacceptable, it is non-productive.

Instead, I offer the following options for all who are truly concerned about the state of our Country as a whole.

We are one Country, one Community, one United States and we owe it to ourselves to stand shoulder-to-shoulder in unity and support of our fellow Americans at every opportunity that we can.


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