Green Light a Vet! How You can show your Thanks all year long


I am privileged to have the opportunity today to blog about a phenomenal community campaign to show our thanks nationwide for all those who have Served to keep us safe, protect our freedoms and ensure the livelihood that we, at times, may take for granted.

Often times when out at a restaurant, at the airport, in a mall, a school or just on the street, I have witnessed the sincere gratitude that lay people have for our Men and Women in Uniform, walking right up to them and saying “Thank you for your Service.”  This warms my heart every time I see it and I try to do it myself whenever possible as well, but we cannot possibly reach every Man and Woman who has Served, nor their Families, for a variety of reasons.

Not all who have Served are obvious out among us lay folks and some, whether those who have significant medical complications post-Service or those who Serve covertly, are rarely ever in a position that Civilians even have the opportunity to give our Thanks.

That is why I was so thrilled to learn about the Green Light A Vet campaign that has a nationwide reach.  This is a campaign that so many can participate in and, imagine the experience, as a Veteran, to look out across your Community and see the thousands of people who are all united to tell You and your Family “THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE!”

Let’s not stop there though – there are so many opportunities that we have to be able to engage directly with our Veterans and continue to thank them, day in and day out, for all that they have given us.  Here are a few examples:

  • VetForce – this is an amazing initiative to train Veterans so that they may obtain a Salesforce Certification in order to pursue a career as a Salesforce Professional (Administrator, Developer or Business Analyst)
  • Inspiring Our Heroes – this organization, by Veterans for Veterans, provides programs, services, education, and a much needed support group to Veterans with many different needs
  • Veterans Network – this is a large directory of organizations providing various services and support to our Veterans
  • Operation Support Our Troops – this organization has programs for both Active Duty and Veterans
  • They Fought We Ride – this organization has hosted the past 5 years of the Boston Wounded Vet (Bike) Run and inspired similar Wounded Vet Bike Run’s in New York, North Carolina, Colorado, Hartford, Georgia and Kansas
    • Each year, every Run honors a Veteran and tells us all about the Veteran, their Family and their Service
    • Many of the Riders from each Run also regularly participate in Flag Lines and other honors for Veterans across the Country when they pass
  • Honor Flight – Chicago – this is one of many similar organizations across the Country to support our Veterans and say Thank You with an all-expense-paid trip to Washington, D.C. in order to see their War Memorial.  Current flights are honoring WWII Veterans
  • MARSOC Foundation – provides support to members of U. S. Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command (MARSOC) – Active Duty, Medically Retired and those who have Fallen – and their Families for services unmet by the government or other agencies
  • Raising Raiders – this organization provides financial support and empowering programs for mental, physical and emotional support and growth to MARSOC Families
  • Various Hospices throughout the Country such as Angels Grace Hospice or Heartland Hospice are regularly seeking Volunteers to support our Veterans and their Families at end-of-life and to ensure that no Veteran dies alone

Let’s light up the night with our green lights of Thanks and get out into our Community and touch as many Veterans and their Families as we can!

Thanks to all involved in the Green Light A Vet campaign and thank you for allowing me the opportunity to add to the conversation!


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